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Can I buy a K9 from ASCTI?

ASCT International is a certification organization.  We are not a dog training company. We can refer those needing canines to a number of our certified members who do train dogs for a variety of services.

Where is ASCTI located?

Being a legal canine certification support entity, ASCTI is operated by the certification board. Board executives and legal are based in New York, Virginia, Australia, and Sweden. For details email the certification board.

How do I sign up for trainer development or instructor classes?

Contact the certification board. If you are a member, your file will be immediately accessed. If you are not a member, you will be asked to provide your C.V. and other information and then complete a phone interview.  If accepted, you will be guided to the variety of options for your situation and to those who can assist you.

Does ASCTI import dogs for sale?

No. We are a certification organization offering legally supported certifications for 27 nations. However, we do have members who can recommend such services.

I want an ASCT instructor to provide me a dog and training. How does that work?

While ASCTI itself does not train dogs we can refer certified trainers and instructors who do. You can get the referrals through the certification board: afterward, you can communicate directly with a trainer/instructor and contract through them. ASCTI does not receive payment for referrals. 

I want to certify. How long should I plan for certification testing?

If you feel yourself and canine are ready to pass, you can simply schedule a 2-day examination. If you feel you need more practice and some educational building, a week is often chosen. 

What is the cost of certification testing?

There is no fee associated with testing for certification. 

Is the organization filed with governments? 

The organization values supported legal stature in every location where we serve.  Each individual national government has the organization on file as a legal entity per our international and U.S. board attorneys. We serve 27 nations. If your nation is not listed, we do not serve that country.

What are the steps to certify?

Certifying is very straightforward. The first step is to contact the board or any ASCTI trainer/Instructor. Next, you will be scheduled for a K9 examination for whatever qualifications you seek and you will also be able to take the handler exam. 

Are you going to certify any new countries?

We have been requested to certify in several nations. We are always willing to assist animal professionals and NGO or government programs. The process of conduction certification establishment for a nation - the correct way - takes time and is a process. International certification is not about if you have certifications there but rather if the government itself knows you are there and accepts your authority legally.

Can I get a copy of the certification standards?

Certification Standards are available, providing the request is from a valid entity or individual.

What is the ASCT policy on animal welfare?

All animals are to be respected, well cared for and trained with the animal's safety as the first measure. All animals are to have secure and comfortable shelter, healthy food, constant, clean water access, and provided with both respect, love, and devotion of time. ASCTI will not tolerate any harsh training methods nor abuse, neglect. All working dogs will have measures providing heat and cool in low or high temperature weather conditions.

Do you provide advice?

Yes. Members have access to case bases and assistance in both liability protocol, operating procedures, sciences, research, and support for operations. Contact the board for information. 

What is taught in advanced courses?

During the conferences, teams often qualify for recertification, obtain multiple checks by other trainers (for legal attributes), receive the latest research information, and participate in many classroom and field exercises covering variable topics.

Will ASCT back my certification in court?

The ASCTI certification is represented in all of the nations and jurisdictions we serve in full and without exception.

Does ASCTI certify service dogs and therapy teams? 

We certify just about every discipline of canine work. Therapy teams are assured of solid certification support for the US and international assistance. 

What type of service does ASCT certify?

We certify nearly all areas of canine service: narcotics, explosives, accelerant, patrol, tactical, tracking/training, wilderness, SAR, bloodhound, electronics detection, ecological monitoring, anti-poaching service assistance, PTSD service, therapy, and public therapy support, are just some of what we certify and Anti Human Trafficking.

Can I speak to the certification director or auditor?

Members and non-members can speak to a large variety of leadership and professionals, within the organization, including the president, without charge. 

Both of our certification directors and the legal auditors are agents hired by ASCTI per hour of service. All members are represented by these legal supports and members are financially supported to email the certification directors at any time and for any need. 

However, if a member wishes to speak to one of the legal directors by phone, or in person, the member will be responsible for the fee and rate of that meeting.  If you wish to speak to one of them, email the certification board and request consultation details.

Can I speak to the ASCT president?

Certainly.  Dr. Chris Aycock is the ASCT International president and Chief Executive Officer.  He makes himself available to almost everyone.

His personal phone number is (540)729-6431. He is often traveling and if you want to contact him, a text or voice message is often the best route to communication.

If I am certified in the U.S. or France, does that mean I am also certified in other nations?

Yes. As an international certification, if you are working in any other nation we certify - your certification is valid.

What are the accountability Points?

ASCTI places a very high measure of character upon the specific traits and functions - called accountability points.  Specifically, the more accountability points an individual can regularly display, the higher the trust, ability, and moral character is charted.  These are majorly considered in certification levels.

Here are the points:

1. Animal Welfare

2. Liability Conscious

3. Culpability

4. Mentorship

5. Communication with ASCT

6. Education

7. K9 Knowledge

8. K9 Training Ability

9. Emotional Stability

10. Problem Solving

11. Non Slanderous

12. Inclusion


What breeds will you not certify?

There is no breed that we exclude. If any canine has the temperament, drive, and development for a specific service, we will certify them.


How long are handling classes?

ASCTI does not train dogs nor conduct handling courses. Trainers and instructors conduct their own training and courses and thus school times and enrollment is set by them.  However, the average handling classes of ASCTI members are 3-16 weeks depending upon the situation and training. 

Can I host ASCT advanced class? 

Advanced course hosting can be requested by contacting us. Conferences often rotate between locations on an annual basis. ASCTI does have plans to possibly increase the number of locations for these conferences. However, qualified instruction is a must and instructor availability is the basis of the yearly schedules.